YIFON Bottled Mushrooms

Nutritional goodness. Instant. Bottled. YIFON bottled mushrooms; - means healthy, fuss-free and convenient.

Nah nah, but bottled? Not that I am into convenience foods of "canned" and "bottled" - in fact, I am eating less of those now, to avoid the lurking preservatives, artificial colorings typically inherent in canned/bottled products. And so I mentioned "bottled". I would choose glass-bottled over metal-canned as the packaging for the same product due to the BPA (Bisphenol A) present in certain grades of plastics - such plastic is used to line the metal cans in canned food. Especially for high-acidic food in the can, you would want to avoid that due to reaction of acid with BPA. If you have already changed your drinking bottle to BPA-free, you should gradually minimize your canned food intake.  That makes glass-bottled packaging another plus point for me. What did I do with these bottled mushrooms?
Not yet, as I am still traveling.

I was willing to try *YIFON mushrooms when Daen Ng from Vibe Communications contacted me late last year (which is actually less than a month ago), but I was not in town, I told him.

During my short visit to Singapore recently, I re-connected with Daen Ng and without much hesitation, he sent me some samples of YIFON bottled mushrooms.

Ok, so I said you should dump (or minimize your intake on) canned and bottled food. Rather I would suggest, if you are really using canned/bottled products as one of your ingredients during cooking/as food, choose smartly.

(1) Only accept a product if the ingredient list is minimal (anything less than five should be ok). YIFON bottled mushrooms. Checked.

(2) And the main ingredient of the product, should be the first ingredient in the list. For example if you choosing canned tomatoes, tomatoes should be first in the ingredient list. Likewise for these YIFON bottled mushrooms.
(3) Accept no ingredients that you can't even pronounce. YIFON bottled mushooms pass my criteria as the products contains no preservatives, artificial ingredients.

As Daen generously sent me the entire range of YIFON (including Tea Tree, Nameko, Bailing, Enoki), I would be slowly sampling them (the "good" of convenience food - can enjoy them where you want it, when you want it, how you want it!) and using some of them to create easy, nutritional, tasty dishes (recipes). Perhaps, revive some older recipes such as Steamed Cod, Steamed Fish Rolls, Chinese /Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup-四川酸辣汤, Mushrooms Pasta; or create new recipes.

Well, I know fresh mushrooms are definitely better but the shelf-life can be short. However, YIFON Bottled Mushrooms offer the convenience and the healthy indulgence much needed at the time when you least expect it. Were you ever caught in such a situation, e.g. when you wanted to cook something but you have completely NO FRESH ingredients ?

For me, it will be returning home from a late-evening flight, wanting to cook a quick and fuss-free dish such as noodle soup, but does not have any fresh ingredients (because the fridge was cleared out before traveling!?!?!) to jazz up the dish. How nice with some bottled mushrooms, right?

*This is not a paid review. The samples received were complimentary and opinions expressed about the product are my own.


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