Home-Style Fried Rice Vermicelli

A one-dish regular and I am sure to have it once in a while during my visit back in Singapore. This is simple home-style fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) cooked with shrimps, chicken (or pork), garlic, carrot, cabbage. Though "fried", the dish is actually moist and wet. Moist but not mushy. Wet but no gravy.

With the ingredients, seasonings and the derived broth, the rice vermicelli was lightly simmered within, to cook. This low-medium heat simmering allows flavors to develop and renders it moist and flavorful as the rice vermicelli absorbs the savory elements while simmering.


Oh, and the big 4th Presto Pasta Night birthday bash is happening this week at Ruth's Once Upon a Feast.


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