Earth Day: Let's change the way we EAT

I'm concurrently running a similar campaign/ promotion at my other blog - 地球日:以“吃”拯救地球".

Having personally create healthy dishes at home, I know that "Healthy" food is definitely not bland and tasteless eating. Healthy eating can be so delicious; well...if fresh, and natural flavors are what you are looking for.

The use of aromatics and spices as natural flavorings, not overly depend on store-bought seasonings; the variety of vegetables and fruits that adds "colors" (natural antioxidants); sustainable protein options, seeking plant foods (e.g. plant-based proteins) that are healthier not just for our bodies but also for the planet etc.

Purple Sage - Conscious Dining, to be launched on Earth Day 22 April 2011, will pioneer a new green initiative in the catering industry and this is definitely worthwhile to look forward to.

I was absolutely excited when I saw their Conscious Dining Buffet Menu. Finally, a menu so well-balanced in its dedication to vegetables and plant-based proteins, where vegetables and plants take center-stage.

Purple Sage has taken that step - now it is YOU who will empower yourself, your family, and friends to choose healthier food alternative (conscious about what you eat) and the ability to exercise social responsibility through deciding how food is consumed (conscious about how you eat).

Regardless the cliché – what we eat, is really what we are.

For more information about Purple Sage, visit their website.  To find out more about the menu and/or to order, also visit Purple Sage or alternatively call 6396 6990.

Campaigns and Promotions:
(1) From 22 April 2011 to 6 May 2011“Like” Purple Sage on Facebook, and Purple Sage will donate $1 to Singapore Environment Council (to campaign for greater environmental awareness) for every 1 more like to their Facebook Fan Page.  Join them now to receive first-hand information and promotions

(2) $100off Menu Price voucher (*valid for 1 year from date of issue*, ** for use with Minimum Spending of $600 on Standard Food Menu only**)

(i) To receive this $100off Menu Price voucher for use on your next catering event, email: with your particulars and QUOTE An Escape to Food by tigerfish -OR-  吃出健康 by tigerfish

(ii) To find out more about the menu and/or to order, visit Purple Sage or call 6396 6990.

Let's change the way we EAT, and let's start with Purple Sage.


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