Introduction to Tiger Chef

Let me introduce Tiger Chef today. What?! Who? Definitely not Tigerfish turning chef; or the chef of infamous Tiger-Mom. Lame lame lame! My apologies.

Well, if you are interested to get hold of kitchen or restaurant supplies once in a while from a reputable source; this online restaurant supply company might just have a supply of what you are looking for. Just watched your favorite chef cook on TV, in his professional kitchen, in his very own restaurant and instants later, you go "I want this! I want that! I want that grill and griddle! I want that pasta cooker!" - Tiger Chef might be that source to check out. Tiger Chef is not just any online restaurant supply company. They are also experts in the kitchen equipments with relevant extensive contacts and satisfied clients in the food service industry.

Let's say you are running a small home-based catering business, Tiger Chef can also help you get the catering supplies you need. Get upscale tableware - bowls, plates, dessert bowls and plates, wine glasses, saucers, snack trays, even serving trays and go entertain in style. Or go casual and fuss-free by getting a really extensive range of disposables including small disposables for serving hors d'oeuvre or specialty disposables to serve your dips and a platter of deviled eggs.

Tiger Chef has 30 years of experience and  is known for their fantastic customer service. Most of their restaurant supply products are offered at 50 to 75% off retail prices with no minimum purchase and best of all, no exorbitant shipping rates and prices. Even at this very moment that I am not making any purchase, I am enjoying reading the blog section of their website.