Crab Cake Pasta

Crab cakes are exorbitantly charged in restaurants. One of the most expensive crab cakes I had was in LA - $16.99 for two tiny pieces that don't even feed my finger. I bought one mini crab cake from Whole Foods Market some time ago. Ok. What then can a mini crab cake do? True, it still does not feed my finger. But I can pair them with a dish that feeds more than my fingers.

I like the crab cakes from Whole Foods Market as there is substantial amount of crab meat and taste good (and fresh).

Back to accessorizing a main dish. Pasta herewith!

Crumble up the crab cake and toss the little bits of batter-crisps in a super light pasta of Aglio e Olio.

There you have, from all-vegetarian simplicity to seafood indulgence.

I am sharing this with Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Ruth of Once upon a Feast

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