Pasta with Steamed Clams. Vongole? Aglio-e-Olio?

I want my Vongole!

Not as if I have not done it before. I have just forgotten all about it.

Then came the Steamed Clams from which reminded me, left me commenting "in search for clams" ...

Came another Vongole from ...

I could not wait any longer!!!

Call it Pasta Vongole or maybe....Pasta Aglio e Olio with Steamed Drunken Clams...?

Obviously, I found my big fat fresh succulent clams and bought them fresh on the same day I made this dish.

My version was slightly different though. It's really a steamed version - meaning the clams are literally steamed to cook in a bowl, with the other ingredients and seasonings in that same bowl at the same time, with garlic, cilantro, green onions, 1-2 tbsp wine.Yes, just like how you do Chinese steamed fish - all in a plate!

Woo hoo...steamy winey briney garlicky!

Clams...waiting to be steamed (and cooked) in a bowl with garlic, thin slices of ginger, cilantro etc.

I have actually cooked Linguine Vongole before, in a pan/pot, sequential-style. But this new-found (batch) method is equally attractive to me. I can have my steamed clams cooked so simply and tasty then toss my pasta of choice - Angel Hair in this case, in the steamy winey briney garlicky clam-broth with drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil as the final touch! From start to finish - just one bowl of goodness! Why should I not do it? Because it is just so technically wrong? Conceptually wrong? That Pasta Vongole should not be done this way?

But yes. In the same, I can do a Aglio e Olio, with a steamed clams by the side, then toss the steamed clams into the Aglio e Olio, and call it Pasta Vongole. Wouldn't it be nice too?

To me, well-completed for me, in terms of being fuss-free, deliciousness and simple comfort.

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