Cheap Show Tickets

When I was in New York for a short break last year, I did not watch any broadway shows. Seriously, I was kind of confused - what to watch, and where to watch. If there was a site then, that clearly lists the shows or events by venue such as Beacon Theatre tickets, Metropolitan Opera House tickets, Boston Opera House tickets or Madison Square Garden Tickets, then it would have given me an easier time to choose what I want to watch since convenience is a factor in choice when vacation time is short.
Also, if you idolize any performing artist and wants to keep track of where she or he or they are performing, you can even search by "artist" and follow your "idol" round the world. Katy Perry or Taylor Swift Tickets for you? Of course, you can also go by specific events e.g. Cirque Du Soleil  or sporting events e.g. NFL Football, NBA Basketball.

I remembered that the only place I had some time to watch a show (or two) is actually Las Vegas.  I have already caught Mystere and KA before, and it looks like the next time I am in Vegas, I can arrange for another show. The listing down of all the shows/ events happening in Vegas give a good macro-view of what is happening and what is not, so anyone can choose the best timing (date and time) for personal preference and planning.