Grocery plan but cooking? No plan.

Do you plan before you shop for the week's groceries? I almost always do (PLAN), though I still give in to temptations (sales!) and impulsive (discounts!) buys - items that are not on my to-buy list.

Plan or no plan for you?

Haha...diary of a cheapskate shopper. And I don't own any high-tech gadget, ok. I am still on paper and handwriting when it comes to grocery shopping.Maybe I need a SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer - Shop Now at Sur La Table.

My handwriting looks hideous, I know. And nobody can ever decipher what is on my to-buy and to-cook list! Except myself!

THEN, there are days that I DON'T PLAN. For example, no plan to cook any special dish, no plan to take any photos of the dish I cooked - so ended up with this.

A dish so easy to prepare that it needs no plan (thanks to parchment cooking). Pronto pasta!

Ha, how cheapskate can I get? I actually use the paper-printed ads from grocery stores as my "table-mat". These prints are shoved into my mailbox every week anyway, so other than looking at it, I reckon I should reuse it in some good way.

What do you do with printed ads from grocery stores?

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