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Right now, the abundance of eggplants in the local farmer's market - Chinese eggplants (that I use most often), Japanese eggplants, baby eggplants etc. means they are in season. How could I resist though I am not a huge fan of eggplants.

Similar to zucchini (case of "roasted watery cucumbers" similar), perhaps I have had cases of bad eggplants dishes when I eat out that set me apart from them. When not cooked correctly, eggplants can absorb so much oil, turn greasy soggy and THAT makes me resistant.

When I cook eggplants at home, steaming is one way to go such as this Red Miso Steamed Chinese Eggplants. If you don't mind the soft pillowy texture of steamed eggplants, they can still taste refreshingly flavorful without the frying oil. Alternatively, roast them and create a dressing or dip.

Today's inspiration of peanut butter with eggplants came from a cooking show I watched while visiting Singapore a few months ago. The toasted sesame seeds and Togarashi flakes (Japanese spice powder) are my own add-ons that turn out great!

Roasted Chinese Eggplants with Peanut Butter and Toasted Sesame Seeds
(1) Slice eggplants into half along the length, the cut eggplant into bite-size finger length

(2) Drizzle some olive oil/canola oil onto lined tray. Lay the eggplants on the tray.
In an oven preheated at 400F, roast for 20-25 mins till cooked.

(3) Slather peanut butter onto the roasted eggplant. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds over and to spice it up, dash of Togarashi flakes

Try it! Slather some peanut butter and have add-ons to make it your own.

Eggplant on their own is rather tasteless (on the bitter side of raw taste) but the roasting injects some smokiness in them plus with nutty peanut butter, fragrant toasted sesame seeds, and the Togarashi spice (ingredients include red chili pepper, orange peel, sesame seeds, Japanese pepper, ginger and seaweed) - the result is amazingly delicious.

I am sharing Eggplant with Weekend Herb Blogging #299 hosted at The Well Seasoned Cook.

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