Zucchini-Wrapped Quinoa "Sushi"

It is strange of me accepting bitter melon since young but not a big fan of zucchini till last year. Currently, I enjoy zucchini just like I enjoy a lot of the other vegetables.

Nothing is new here (quinoa salad, again!) except to eat it differently...the sushi-way. Using thin slices of roasted zucchini to wrap up quinoa salad.

This quinoa salad is made from cooked turmeric-infused quinoa + radishes + bell peppers

Let's call it a popper salad! A playful mouthful of textures and mild flavors.

I am sharing this with  Savory Moments who is hosting August 2011 Healing Foods - Zucchini. Also sharing with Souper Sunday as salad, and Hearth and Soul.

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