Thursday, September 08, 2011

Steamed Chinese Okra (Loofah, Singua) 蒸丝瓜

The Chinese Okra or loofah found in my local farmer's market is usually fresh and they are still available at this time. Instead of cooking soups and stir-fries which I usually do, I am falling back to my favorite go-to fuss-free cooking methods for this dish - steaming.

This Steamed Chinese Okra with Woodear Mushrooms, Gojiberries and Dried Scallops was inspired by Noobcook's Steamed Chicken with Woodear Mushrooms and Salted Fish. Easy and delicious recipes do not escape me. The idea of simply steaming, and using stronger-flavored ingredients such as salted fish, to lend flavors to the dish, heightening the taste of relatively neutral-tasting ingredients, won me over. Instead of using salted fish (which I did not have), I used dried scallops.

Steamed Chinese Okra with Woodear Mushrooms, Gojiberries and Dried Scallops

Ingredients: 3 Chinese okra, peeled and sliced thinly at the bias; 6 woodear mushrooms, thinly sliced/julienned; 1 dried scallops, rehydrated in water, keep the "scallop water"; 1 tbsp organic gojiberries; sea salt and ground white pepper to taste; a drop of sesame oil

Directions: Assemble as shown (below), add the "scallop water" to the mix, steam for 8-10mins till Chinese okra is cooked (just turn jade-green and tender soft). S&P to taste, sesame oil for aroma.

Assemble as shown (before cooking)

Delicate fresh flavors! This is my first time steaming Chinese okra and I'm glad it has worked really well.

Sharing Chinese Okra/Loofah with Weekend Herb Blogging #300 hosted by Simona from Briciole.

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