DealFun - Bid to Win

Does paying up to 75% to 95% off retail price of brand new electronic products such as iPad, iPhone or Kindle sound like a great attractive deal? New auction site is one exciting new type of auction that allows you to buy branded items such as electronic products (including laptops, LED TVs, PS3), watches, jewelry and even toys with up to 95% discount! Just take a look at the deal wall -
a purse holder worth $15 sold for less than a dime - that's a steal! And a LG Blu-Ray DVD sold for less than $50! I cannot believe it.

But the truth is - it is happening right now, right here at If you enjoy the fun of bidding and auctioning, then you should try it. Just start by (1) registering, then (2) purchase credits ($0.60 cents each credit; each credit = one bid); (3) find an auction to bid (4) place your bid. It's as easy as this sounds. For starters, you can try a beginner auction as some kind of practice to polish your bidding skills.  And once you get the hang of it, you will have the best fun and best deals around. Even if you bid on an item and do not win it, your bids will not come to waste as you can use your bids (as price deduction) towards buying that item/product.