Fishcake (Satsuma-age) Vegetables Noodle Stir-Fry

The only difference in this noodle from the other noodle or stir-fries done previously, lies in one ingredient. Fish cake! But it is not the fish cake (of filleted fish and potato patty) commonly seen in Western cuisine. Instead, this "cake" 鱼饼 (Yu Bing) comes as a variant made of surimi (a kind of fish puree) in some parts of Asia.

In Japan, the similar will be Kamaboko; in Taiwan, it wears another name 甜不辣 (almost translated from the word Tempura, where Tempura is also commonly used to refer to Satsuma Age-a fried fish cake which is made without batter); in Singapore, we simply call it 鱼饼 - fish cake with texture similar to 鱼丸 - fish balls.

Fish-Cake (Satsuma age) and Vegetables Noodle Stir-Fry

Heat some oil in the pan, fry the green onions (white portions first), garlic, and ginger till fragrant. Add the carrots and briskly fry till carrots turned tender. Add the thinly slices fish cakes (Satsuma age), combine with carrots, then add in napa cabbage and mushrooms, then combine well.

When the mushrooms, and veggies are cooked, add in noodles, mix well with the pan mixture while adding 1-2tsp of soy sauce, then pinch of ground white pepper to taste. Add the green onions (upper green portions), a pinch of salt to taste, dish out and serve.

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