Spiced Roasted Bitter Melon (Bittergourd)

My latest write-up about bitter melon: Bitter Melon, What a Melon! is published on October 2011 issue of Basil Magazine. Go check it out.

Spiced Roasted Bitter Melon

In this same write-up in Basil Magazine is a tasty and easy Spiced Roasted Bitter Melon recipe that hopefully opens up a variety of bitter melon dishes you can try. Last week, bitter melon soup was featured, and now this, I'm trying to convert you....can't you see? :D  I will give myself five times (or more) to convert you. LOL

In this recipe, I have used the darker green bitter melon variety (photo below, front), narrower shape with pointed ends, and more spiny than the rounder-shaped bitter melon (photo below, back) that I usually cook with.

Front: Indian phenotype bitter melon; back: Chinese phenotype bitter melon

Some consider that this darker green bitter melon is more bitter. However, slice them thinly and follow the same cooking tip, the bitterness will be much reduced.

Thinly sliced bitter melon makes a better roast 

Slicing them razor-thin speeds up roasting too, and look at that....crispy at some edges! Bring on the bitter melon chips.

No bitter melon chips this time though, because I did not want to over-roast this vegetable/fruit.

I'm sharing this information about the different varieties of bitter melon, cooking tips and how they can be used differently in a variety of recipes with Weekend Herb Blogging #305 hosted by Cinzia from Cindystar.

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