Chicken and Vegetables Soba Noodles Soup

This is another homey one-dish put together - from a soup base made with chicken, flavored up with vegetables (e.g. carrots, napa cabbage) - Chicken and Vegetables Soba Noodle Soup.

Note: Added last was the red bell pepper - as I wanted to slightly cook it so that the peppers are soft-tender, and does not affect the flavor of the soup. It might become overpowering for the light soup flavor if cooked for too long in the soup.

Note1: then the baby spinach - which I merely blanched in the same soup base for 30 secs then dish out to set aside.

Other ingredients for this Chicken and Vegetables Soba Noodles Soup include: organic chicken drumstick, organic carrots, napa cabbage (cook the white firm stem first, then the leaves), broccoli stems, onions, ginger, quite a lot of garlic, salt and ground white pepper to taste.

Sharing this with Presto Pasta Nights with host, Ruth from Once upon a Feast; and also sharing with Hearth and Soul.

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