Green & Yellow Split Pea Soup

Written about yellow split peas some time ago, and also cooked them in light stews.

Hairy Melon Stew with Green and Yellow Split Peas

Green split pea has a slightly more "pea" flavor, yellow a little milder, but end of the day, hardly noticeable. If nutrients are the concern, don't worry about it as there is no big difference. The color mix is useful mainly for visual presentation - with a mix of yellow and green might complementing the dish better than mono-colored peas, don't you think?

I cooked hairy melon soup (recipe here) again, using a mix of yellow and green split peas this time.

Recently, I have been using split peas in cooking quite often as I find them really easy to use and incorporate in pronto (don't have to soak them overnight like dried chickpeas). Plus, they cook relatively fast without overnight soaking,

Dried peas/beans that requires no overnight soaking and cooks fast - especially useful.

I am sharing this with My Legume Love Affair - MLLA hosted by Simona Briciole

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