Roasted Kabocha Squash Stuffed Green Beans Quinoa - Autumn in a Squash Bowl

In short, this is my recent creation - Autumn in a Squash Bowl; or more exactly - Pomegranate Seeds on Roasted Kabocha Squash Stuffed with Quinoa, Roasted Cabbage, Green Beans, Carrots.

No new recipes are involved. Basically, it's a combination of dishes I have done recently: Roasted Green Beans in Turmeric-Infused Quinoa and Spicy Roasted Cabbage, with an attempt to make it more "fall-like" and more wholesomeness by adding spicy roasted cabbage to toss into the "already vegetabley" quinoa mix.

Tip: This is a good way to freshen up leftovers (the veggie-quinoa mix was cooked in huge batch the previous day, and the remainder was chilled in the fridge)

Come today, prepare the fresh ingredients: (1) get ready the roasted cabbage; (2) a half-size kabocha squash (Note: thank goodness the grocery store already slice it into half and I bought that half with no intention of chopping/slicing); finally, don't forget some (3) fresh pomegranate seeds

Looks good to wow your guests, is it not?

Before roasting the squash, oil it lightly with butter or canola oil. Pinch of salt to season by rubbing on the exposed squash flesh. Bake and roast the "whole" squash 400F about 60 mins. Roast the cabbage at the same time in the oven but remove the cabbage after about 20-25 mins (when it is caramelized and cooked).

Toss the roasted cabbage into the leftover green beans-quinoa mixture. Set aside.

When the squash is cooked, remove from oven. Scoop the quinoa mix into the squash, then sprinkle fresh pomegranate seeds over. Serve.

Make sure to scoop out the soft-tender squash flesh with the veggie-quinoa when dishing into individual serving bowls.

The crunch of the fresh pomegranate seeds, roasted cabbage and quinoa complements so well with the soft tender squash and roasted vegetables. Also the burst of fresh pomegranate tartness into the pillowy squash sweetness with spice and, savory - perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :) I'll see you after Thanksgiving and after all the shopping.

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