Three of my favorite online (shopping) stores - what's yours?

My habit for online shopping only started recently. As you know, there are a few items that are my favorites from Amazon. Crown Prince - Wild Caught Brisling Sardines is one of them. Each tin of good-quality sardines turns out $2.60 (much cheaper than regular retails price ranging from $3.29-$3.69).

I also use an on-tap filter at my kitchen sink and found that these Brita On-Tap Filters are much cheaper than in stores such as Target and Walmart. And you would not have guessed - I bought my first Neti Pot from Amazon. It was recommended by a friend who claims its effectiveness in nasal cleansing - most natural way of removing excess mucous. Nasal dryness might not be an issue in humid Singapore but in California, the air can get kinda dry and effective nasal cleansing soothes/moistens the dried out nasal passage. Plus, all these items are still tax-free at this time for Californian residents (and ships free if qualified for Super Saver shipping ) vs if I buy them in store, I would have to pay for the sales tax which would have made the item much more expensive.

Going forward, I might get the Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender if the Shop 4 for 3 Promotion in Kitchen does work out well. This Immersion Hand Blender is now the #1 to-buy item in my store. While Amazon is  having lots of holiday deals this season, why not stop by for some Christmas shopping?

Do you shop online and which is your favorite online store (and why) ?

My two other favorites are (for magazines, of course. I still like to flip a real magazine/book) and (for health, bath, personal care items and even dry pantry products)