Why Steamed Eggs fail?

Boo boo boo....boo me for taking shortcuts.

"Pockmarked" Steamed Egg

There is a reason for saying that the simplest ingredients takes in the great skills and experience of a cook because you need to treat it with due details.

I have done perfect steamed eggs (θ’Έθ›‹)before...

...and KNOW EXACTLY what it takes to make silky, velvety, smooth-surface steamed eggs.

So I have done injustice to Luv to Eat's Steamed Eggs with Silken Tofu and Conpoy. I like the simple idea of green onions and dried scallops to flavor up the steamed eggs; and know it can be so delicious. I skip the tofu though. But that is probably not the reason of my failure.

This is.

I DID NOT STRAIN THE EGGS. That was the culprit. I DID NOT COVER THE EGGS WITH PLASTIC WRAP while steaming to prevent steam condensation. Another reason for failure.

The surface texture of the steamed eggs is seriously wrong. The inside texture was still moist and silky though and luckily, the taste was not compromised. Thanks for luvtoeat's delicious recipe. But I have to apologize for not getting the intended surface texture right.

More tips on perfect steamed eggs here.


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