Do you use a spice rack?

Well, I don't. As you can see from my cooking, I enjoy using spices such as coriander, cumin, fennel, turmeric to flavor my food. However, I confess I do not have a neat spice organization in my kitchen. The bottled spices are mainly left sitting on one shelf (one level) of my kitchen cabinet. Sometimes I do have difficulty reaching out to the bottled spices that sits further inside on the shelf (having to take down some spice bottles lining in front in order to uncover those spice bottles behind). Of course I wish for some kind of spice organization or kitchen spice racks that give me an overall view and instant glance of what I have; and enable me to easily reach out to any that I need. It will really make less mess out of my already-tiny kitchen.

In the absence of space in my kitchen, I think a Cabinet Mount Spice Rack suits me fine at this time. It mounts easily on standard kitchen cabinet door, and its 4 Tier Spice Racks smart design provide a solution to storing spices in an organized manner. Using existing cabinet wall space, it really makes good use of the limited counter space I have. But if I do have a larger kitchen space in future, I absolutely like the design of the carousel-style spice rack. Functionality aside, the modern sleek design also appeals to me.

Oh I am discovering such a variety of spice racks at and am so loving it. also offers free shipping on their huge selection of spice racks, with some products that are exclusive (only can be found on their site).