Fresh Herbs Chicken Macaroni Soup

With homemade chicken stock, I find myself indulging in soups more than ever. Freshening soups with generous amounts of finely chopped cilantro and green onions, plus that little fresh chili for extra kick has become the magical fresh touch to the last, that awakens the soup seconds before serving (and slurping!). Oh this is comfort and instant satisfaction!

A basic chicken stock is almost like a blank canvas waiting for the artist to splash colors of individuality on it. On different days, a different art piece can be created. For vegetarians, onions-ginger-garlic-tomatoes is the blank canvas, in my opinion.

Today's "art piece" - Fresh Herbs Chicken Macaroni Soup begins with this:

Toast pinch of cumin in lightly oiled and heated pot, add 1/2 onion roughly chopped, 3-4 ginger slices, then pinch of ground turmeric and coriander red chili powder and aromatize the mixuture. Add 1-2 carrots chopped to bite-size, 2 cloves garlic bruised, 1/2 fresh fennel (bulb) sliced, 1/2 tomato chopped to bite-size. Saute in the pot and when liquid start to be released from the vegetables, add in chicken stock enough to submerge the vegetable mixture. Make up the volume with water if chicken stock is not sufficient. Simmer the soup mixture for about 20-30 minutes.

When I want it light, I will have the soup as-is. If I want it more substantial as one-dish, I will add carbs such as pasta or noodles.

Cook some macaroni and when ready to eat, ladle the hot soup over the macaroni and the meal is ready. Add fresh flavors to the soup, that is already developed with flavors, with freshness of finely chopped cilantro and green onions. Bonus garnish: the finely chopped fennel leaves. Some red chili flakes and ground white pepper if you want some spice.

Sharing this soup with Souper Sunday, and this soup suitable for macaroni anytime at Presto Pasta Nights with Ruth from Once upon a Feast.

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