Udon in Tomato-Bean Broth, or Pantry-Freezer-Ready Udon 蔬菜乌东面

This Veggie Udon Noodles Soup was made with absolutely NO FRESH ingredients. Call it Pantry-and-Freezer Udon Noodles Soup.

Peas and Corns Udon in Tomato-Bean Broth
The broth was "leftover" from this tomato-based bean and veggie soup. With beans (a mixture of dried beans) as the base, the broth for this soup has much more rich flavors considering it was vegetarian. Another alternative is to use miso for the soup broth.

Simmer the cooked (chilled, ready-packed refrigerated) udon  in the broth for about 8 minutes, together with frozen peas and/or corn (that have been thawed), then pour the noodles mixture and soup into serving bowls, topped with nori seaweed.

Sprinkle some House Togarashi spice powder, and toasted sesame seeds, then serve.

So if you ever have any leftover broth/stock, it's easy to put together a noodle soup like this with frozen veggies (pea, corns, carrots etc.) and pantry-ready veggies (nori seaweed etc.).

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