Vegetarian Treasure Fried rice 什锦蔬菜多宝炒饭

Do you ask for a box to pack leftover (untouched) steamed rice when you dine out? Do you?

Do I? (Answer at end of post)

So close to naming this Eight-Treasure Rice 八宝饭 but aromatics such as onions, ginger and garlic won't be considered as the "treasure" ingredients though without them, I am sure fried rice would be much less fragrant and delicious.

So there are no eight ingredients and you can add other ingredients such as mushrooms, sweet peas, other veggies and even meat! But these ingredients - carrots, collard greens, broccoli, corn kernels, and cooked chestnuts speak flavors, colors and most importantly, "convenience" as it's making do with what's in the fridge one fine day. Even the steamed rice is leftover (read below) from previous day's lunch at a Korean restaurant. This Treasure Rice 多宝饭/ 什锦蔬菜炒饭 - as appropriately named now, is also vegetarian and is rest-assured tasty (thanks to the aromatics).

For additional fresh flavor, add generous amounts of green onions and cilantro to mix in with the rice at the end.

This is another case of bumping up the carbs (with chestnuts, this time) so that less rice is used. And not because I am counting the rice intake but rather, there was not enough leftover cooked rice packed from the restaurant. Now, you see that only a little (probably one serving bowl) cooked rice was left untouched while you dine-out, to pack or not-to-pack?

*Tip: To minimize food wastage, ask for a box to pack up the leftover rice and next day's home-cooked fried rice is in sight! That's what I did. If there is more than enough leftover rice packed, then you don't even have to bump up with other carbs. But just in case the leftover rice is not substantial to account for the meal servings required the next day, you can always count on bumping it up with carbs such as sweet potatoes and chestnuts OR adding more veggies.

Don't waste food! It's about Frugal Living.

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