Cheesecake Sampler from

It is different in my family. My husband enjoys only the classic Cheesecake while I am open to trying other flavors. In fact, my husband's favorite cake is the classic cheesecake since he is always telling me cheesecake is one of the more nutritious cake among all cakes. Yes, cheese = calcium! Well that's his thinking.

It is quite fascinating that even when I don't bake, I have actually baked cheesecake (no-bake version) before. That cake was one of the easiest to "bake" with no flour (means no measurements) required. Graham crackers/digestive biscuits as the base and cream cheese - that's basically it. Oh yes, and the cake is chilled to "bake" instead of using the oven. That's almost like "Summer Cheesecake , Without the Stove", an article from The New York Times.

If you are looking to bake your own Cheesecake , there are tonnes of recipes you can find including recipes from However, if you are not into baking, you can also turn to which delivers cheesecake right to you. There is even a Cheesecake Sampler that tackles the fickle-mindedness. Yes, this cake has 16 slices of heaven: four of each, of the most popular cheesecake flavors including the classic New York, fruity Strawberry swirl, nutty Amaretto, and rich chocolaty Turtle. YUM!