Lemongrass Lime Cilantro Chicken 香茅芫荽叶烤鸡

Remember Pick Up Sticks? I used to play this game when I was a kid.

Pick up Lemongrass Sticks this must be. But no.

The infusion of Thai-flavors into this Lemongrass Lime Coriander (Cilantro) Roast Chicken 香茅芫荽叶烤鸡 is absolutely amazing! A low barrier of entry to this terrain for me as the ingredients are what I usually have in hand, and those which are not difficult to get from my grocery store - fresh cilantro, fresh chili, fresh lime, lemongrass, garlic, ginger.

The steps are also pretty straight-forward. First, bruise and roughly chop, then blend. Next, marinate. Finally, roast.

Instead of using chicken thigh or drumsticks in the original recipe, I have used organic game hen here, as the poultry.

Tip The bottom (white) portions of the lemongrass were used in the marinade, so the top portions were retained to "sit" the organic game hen while roasting in the oven. That extra aroma PLUS the "non-stick" effect for the roasted chicken is bonus

Note: If the baking foil is not lightly oiled or greased enough, the roast chicken might partially stick to the foil after roasting.

By using lemongrass as a "separator" for the chicken and foil, you can actually reduce the amount of oil used to grease the foil; and a teeny weeny gap to improve heat circulation and roasting uniformity, if you realize

Delicious easy recipe adapted from Grilled Coriander and Lime Chicken - PigPigsCorner.com. Thanks, Ann.

Love it!

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