Salmon Asparagus Quiche-Frittata Loaf - 三文鱼芦笋烘蛋饼

The house-smoked King Salmon was purchased from Pure Foods Fish Market when I visited Pike Place Market, Seattle Washington many months ago (in fact, it was last year!)

Blogging has really shaped my shopping habits. It used to be bags, shoes but the kick is gone and now it is FOOD, including buying food-ingredients whenever I am even on a road trip within the US.

Nope it was not the famous fish-throwing Pike Place Fish stall. That was too crowded, and using the competitors exact words "Oh, you want to buy fish from the clowns, go there".


Quiche-Frittata-Loaf? Why can't I make up my mind? They are all egg-based, yes. However, the ingredients are frittata-like (no crust, without heavy cream) leading to a texture that is less creamy/custardy but the method of baking the entire dish in the oven (vs frittata's stove-top to oven) is typical of a quiche. Turns out? It looks like a loaf. Anyway, forget about naming and focus on how quick this can be done.

Smoked Salmon Quiche-Frittata with Asparagus 三文鱼芦笋烘蛋饼
Smoked Salmon, flaked, 2-3 organic eggs whisked, 2-3 tbsp whole milk (Note: not for custardy texture but for preventing the eggs-salmon mixture from drying out), thinly sliced/diced asparagus, ground black pepper, pinch of dried oregano

Mix in baking dish (Note1: instead of using a cast-iron skillet or baking dish, I used a deep loaf pan) and bake in pre-heated oven 350-375F for about 15 minutes or more till eggs are set.

Also note that I did not give quantity of smoked salmon or asparagus. Basically if the ratio of eggs is higher, the loaf will be less dense compared to a denser egg-loaf with more salmon and asparagus.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner ready!

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