Shrimps, Chicken, Chives Dumplings - 三鲜饺子

Though a popular filling for Chinese pan-fried dumplings/pot-stickers 锅贴 or boiled dumpling 饺子, it is in fact my first time making dumplings with it.

Today, I am making Boiled Dumplings with Shrimps, Pork/Chicken and Chives - 三鲜饺子 (三鲜 =  虾, 肉, 韭菜). To me, this is one of the stronger-flavored dumplings compared to dumplings that are Chicken + Napa Cabbage-filled, for example.

Chives 韭菜 (Jiu Cai) is of course the pungent-contributing factor (so pungent that some people actually dislike chives); and with chives being used, seasonings (soy sauce, salt) into the fillings can be much reduced.

While chives is typically used as garnish in most Western (French, Mediterranean included) cuisines, it is considered a vegetable (main) ingredient in Chinese dumplings or in fact in many Chinese cuisines.

Chives contain several nutrients such as Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Folate, Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A) and Vitamin K. However, when used sparingly as herbs, the nutritional benefits derived may not be impressive (Source:

Certainly, you can see that a lot of chives (in fact, entire bunch!) being used up in this Chive Dumplings recipe.

For Vegetarians: the dumpling filling option can be Chives + Tofu and/or Egg Shreds and/or Mushrooms and/or tiny Glass Noodles shreds + Egg (as the binder) , seasoned accordingly.

Boiled Dumplings with Fillings of Shrimps, Pork/Chicken and Chives 三鲜饺子
1 bunch ~1/4 lb chives to be finely diced, ~ 3/4lb cleaned shrimps chopped to paste, ~ 1/2lb ground organic pork/chicken, 1 egg to bind, 1tbsp Shaoxing cooking wine, 2tsp soy sauce, 1tsp sesame oil, 1tsp ground white pepper, pinch of sea salt. Mix everything together and add 5-6 tbsp (or more) of water while marinating the filling.

The purpose of water is to ensure a moist and juicy filling. The consistency of the filling to look for before wrapping is when you scoop a little filling with chopsticks or spoon, the filling will gently slide back into the bowl.

Sharing Chives with Weekend Herb Blogging WHB#329, hosted by Simona from Briciole

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