Who Moved My Shrimp?

Amongst the leisure (Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Whole Living etc.) magazines I am subscribed to currently, Fast Company must be the least "leisure" of them all. Come on, Fast Company?

But...but...but, you know what? I have had a number of surprising foodie read in this magazine. Can you believe it? First was Alton Brown and the essential kitchen gadgets, then the recent issue on Who Moved My Shrimp?-The Art And Science Of Advertisements' High-Flying Food.

Seen this?

                                    Photo source: Fast Company

Or how do you mimic flying veggies in the air?
                                   Photo source: Fast Company

The entire article The Art And Science Of Advertisements' High-Flying Food can be found in Fast Company - March 2012 issue. Go check out, or subscribe Fast Company [Print + Kindle] if you are interested.