Peashoots, Carrot Greens, Almonds Pesto Fusili

Short screwy shell pasta such as Fusili is best for pesto if you ask me. With longer strands Capellini (Angel Hair) or Spaghetti, the strands of pasta do not carry the sauce very well, especially when the pesto is on the thick, chunky side.

For the pesto, it was a combination of peashoots, carrot-tops leaves, silvered blanched almonds, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Leftover tip: This pesto is chock-full of benefits and utilizes fully the leftover carrot-tops leaves, especially when carrot-tops leaves are high in nutritional value - high in potassium, and chlorophyll. In spring and summer, carrots grow a rosette of leaves, so if you were to buy bunch carrots from the farmer's market or grocery stores, and faced with a huge bunch of carrot leaves or greens, don't discard the leaves - make pesto!

How do you make use of carrot-top leaves?

With screwy pasta like Fusili, all the pesto is trapped in the twines and turns, giving it a perfect mouth-feel combination.

This noodle dish will be shared with Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Rachel of The Crispy Cook.

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