Sevillian Sweet Biscuits Tortas de Aceite

I used to buy this from Whole Foods Market but I don't seem to find it anymore :(
This Ines Rosales Tortas crisp is very light and goes well with a warm beverage of coffee or tea in the morning, noon or in the evening. There is a variety of flavors but I enjoy the Anise Crisps and Seville Orange Crisps the most. The ingredients are quite basic too. For the Anise Crisps, the ingredients are: Wheat flour, olive oil, sugar, matalahuga (anise), ajonjoli (sesame seeds), salt and anise essence.

So what is Torta de Aceite? If you read Spanish, you can check out Ines Rosales for this hand-made crisp.

Since I can't find it in stores now, I plan to buy some from Amazon soon as the price is almost similar to what I have previously paid for in stores.

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