Pasta with Peashoots Carrot Greens Pesto

This is not your authentic pesto, as any Italians would say. However, the modern cook at home looks for ways to improvise and utilize ingredients that sometimes just appear at the right place at the...errrr...not-so-right time

With some pea shoots remaining in the fridge and some carrot tops leaves from the organic bunch carrots, this pea shoots-carrot greens pesto was created, with silvered blanched almonds as the nut choice.

Peashoots Pesto (Peashoots, Carrot Tops Leaves, Almonds)
Start with a handful of peashoots (cleaned), just about 5-6 carrot leaves (just for added flavor, can be omitted if preferred), handful of silvered blanced almonds, 4-5 cloves garlic, generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil, salt (or Parmesan cheese).

Blend peashoots, carrot top leaves, almonds, garlic, in a food processor and halfway through, add extra virgin olive oil and blend till desired consistency.

Add a little salt, to taste, for the pesto, while blending in food processor. Or use Parmesan cheese and in my case, since I did not have any cheese to be at the right place at the right time, I added a few potato chips to the processor and two last short pulses at the food processor, before tossing my Angel Hair (Capellini) pasta with the pesto.

Serve with sweet summer tomatoes and enjoy!

Sharing Pea Shoots (a legume sprout) with MLLA - June hosted by Valerie from A Canadian Foodie  

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