HappyCall Pan (HCP) Quesadilla Wrap Sandwich Roll-Up

Following HappyCall Pan (HCP) Fried "Rice" (Quinoa), and Pan-Fried Fish Fillet, this is another take on HappyCall Pan and this time, I'm going to make quesadilla. Alright, the tortilla wraps were store-bought but the HCP does a good job in warming up (gently steaming) those wraps.

The tortilla wraps are warmed. Now it's time to make a chive-egg omelette. I find that the HCP does a good job in making egg dishes as the pan surface is non-stick (ceramic coated and not Teflon) and therefore does not call for a lot of cooking oil when making egg dishes such as omelette.

After the chive-egg omelette is cooked, slide it out on a plate. Then place warmed tortilla back to the HCP, add the omelette back to the pan on the tortilla wrap, then place another layer of tortilla on top of the omelette (photos above).

Partially close the HCP and allow the quesadilla to warm and the omelette to fully-set within the wraps-sandwich. Remove and set aside on a plate, cut into half or quarters and then roll up with spring herb or salad veggies, and cucumbers and take a big bite.

This quesadilla wrap, roll-up sandwich is super-easy to make, healthy and nutritious too. With the chive-egg omelette as the main filling, it is definitely flavorful. Yum!

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