Loofah in Rich Tomato Broth 丝瓜番茄汤

Never be stingy on tomatoes.

It makes more sense to use them generously especially when they are in season. Look at that rich almost-creamy lycopene-rich tomato broth that was made from three medium-sized tomatoes - it makes a simple vegetarian broth so good!

So it depends on what you want - Vitamin C or lycopene from tomatoes? For the latter, you really have to cook your tomatoes to release the lycopene.

There were also generous amounts of onions (half a big onion) to sweeten up the broth.

Add in another summer bounty (often seen in the local farmer's market and Asian grocery store) - Angled Gourd/Loofah - this squash acts like a sponge absorbing the essence of the broth. Is this not a super quick lunch, full of flavor ?

Angled Gourd/Loofah in Rich Tomato Broth 丝瓜番茄汤
Sweat 3 thin slices of ginger then half a big onion finely diced, till onions turn slightly soft. Add in 3 tomatoes, chopped, and cook them down taking about 10 mins. Add in finely minced garlic, then add water and allow the mixture to simmer for about 10 mins till flavors are developed. Then add in 4 Angled Gourd, peeled and chopped to bite-size and allow the gourd to cook in the simmering broth. This will take about 10 mins. Salt and white pepper to taste. Finish off with drizzle of sesame oil.

Dunk in your favorite noodles in the flavorful broth and enjoy!

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