Chinese Leaf Mustard Noodles 雪菜肉丝汤面

Good with rice but better with noodles? Did I say?

For a rainy day like today, anything soupy and warm is every comfort you could ever imagine.

Noodles with Chinese Leaf Mustard and Shredded Pork 雪菜肉丝汤面 is a popular noodle dish in many parts of China. This dish is also often seen, served as fast-food in Chinese eateries as the leaf mustard can be typically prepared (preserved/pickled) in advance, and during service time, added to noodle soups to instantly and intensely flavor the noodle dish. Yes to the appeal of speed and flavors.

I made the chicken version of it earlier Preserved Leaf Mustard and Chicken 雪菜鸡肉, and did not take me long to create a noodle dish out of it.

In fact, I enjoyed it a lot with noodles in a soup as the flavors of preserved leaf mustard and chicken are able to infuse quickly into the soup and flavor up the otherwise bland noodle soup (bland, if not using chicken soup as the base the noodle soup) quite successfully.

You can always start up a flavor stock/broth with some chicken backs/bones, ginger, onions, carrots OR use water if you do not have time or any leftover chicken stock/broth to spare.

Cook some noodle soup, then top with Preserved Leaf Mustard and Chicken 雪菜鸡肉

OR a more "luxury" version: Serve noodles in chicken soup and top with Preserved Leaf Mustard and Chicken 雪菜鸡肉

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