Kale w/i Tomato Soba Noodle Soup

If you are in the United States' East Coast, I hope you are safe and sound from Sandy; stay safe and sound.

During this time when it is best to stay home, a well-stocked fridge and freezer turn savior.

And it might be also the same instant that you wished for some good ol' handmade dumplings in the freezer, just waiting to be boiled/pan-fried then consumed.

These pot-stickers were sold frozen, from a nearby dumpling shop - Tong Dumpling. A pack of 50 Shrimps-Chives-Pork 三鲜 dumplings sells for about $16 (no tips if you are having it to-go). I would not say it is super cheap, however, not super expensive either. I mean if you have 10 dumplings per serving, it is five servings.

When cooking for one (myself), semi-homemade meal makes it much easier. So come these frozen handmade dumplings as a savior too.

I usually like to use these dumplings to substantiate another one-dish. Come meal time, simply pan-fry about 8-12 pot-stickers; at the same time, cook a bowl of veggie-noodle soup or veggie soup from scratch.

In this case, a kale noodle soup in which kale is quickly cooked in a onion-garlic-tomato broth and over soba noodles it goes.

Kale and Tomato Soba Noodle Soup
Saute some finely diced onions and tomatoes till onions turn translucent and soft. Then add garlic, some water and allow the onions-garlic-tomato mixture to cook to a very light broth. It will take about 10 mins. Then add in finely sliced kale and allow the kale to gently cook in the broth. When the kale is just cooked, add in cooked soba and allow noodles to absorb the flavors. Turn off heat and serve with the pot-stickers.

Sharing with Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Simona at Briciole. I am so sad that PPN is calling it a day soon. Here, I wish Ruth, the original creator of Presto Pasta Nights, good luck in her next fun project.


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