Spicy Tofu and Chayote Stir-Fry 辣炒豆腐

When I stir-fry a dish that has tofu in it, I hardly make the effort to pan-fry the tofu prior to the stir-fry as it seems too troublesome for that extra step.

When I came across this Vegetarian Tofu Stir-Fry at TasteHongKong, it did not take me long to take on the dish as most importantly, the ingredients are also what's typically found in my fridge - celery and tofu. I adapted and done it without carrots, replacing with chayote instead.

Most importantly, I pan-fried the tofu!!!

The pan-fried and crisped up tofu with a hint of smokiness, amazingly giving the otherwise simple dish more depth in flavors and textures.

Pan-fried firm tofu

Spicy Tofu and Chayote Stir-Fry
Taking the extra effort to pan-fry the tofu till golden-brown and crisp has paid off. Most often, I would have just added cubed tofu even though I know the flavors would be slightly compromised in those instances.

I also adapted the seasoning by using Linghams Chilli Sauce .

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