Cauliflower Potato Cheddar Cheese Soup 菜花土豆乳酪汤

With the half potato used in the Black Bean Potato Cakes/Patties, I had another half, plus the remaining few florets of cauliflower left in the fridge - which is how the Cauliflower Potato Cheddar Cheese Soup came about.

Sometimes, it just clicks, and happens. The soup that was unplanned for but was made - thanks to weird quantities of ingredients remaining, sitting around.

The cheese imparts a savory depth to the soup while the seven-spice powder gives a magic kick to the otherwise basic white soup. 

Cauliflower Potato Cheddar Cheese Soup 菜花土豆乳酪汤
Saute some finely chopped onions, and small cubes of potato in a pot till browned and cooked. Add in cauliflower florets and mix well, then add in water/stock to sufficiently cover the mixture, and simmer till potato and cauliflower cooks. When cooked, add in two slices of cheddar and gently stir so that the cheddar melts into the soup. Pinch of ground white pepper and seven-spice powder to taste

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