Managed dedicated servers & VPS solutions

BurstNET provides a wide range of professional internet services: managed servers, servers co-location, virtual private servers (VPS), backup and storage solutions, that will cater to different needs and demands of individuals and companies. Managed dedicated servers allow control, configuration, power, and accessibility that are sensible solutions for popular sites, large companies, ecommerce websites, and reseller or hosting providers.
For secured online storage of important data and/or files, backup and/or storage of web-hosting accounts/servers, client data, images, and/or documents - you can depend on their gigabit private backup network which utilizes firewall, VPN, and encryption technologies for enhanced security.

BurstNET currently hosts nearly 10,000 dedicated servers and co-located machines, 30,000+ Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and millions of websites. Before engaging any BurstNET services and/or plans, do check out these Burstnet Coupon code for any savings.

However, act fast as some savings such as the "Get First Month Free on QUAD CORE CPU, 8GB RAM dedicated servers" or "Get First Month Free on PENTIUM-D 925 DUAL-CORE 3.0GHZ 800FSB, 2GB RAM, 250GB SATA dedicated servers" are limited time offers. If you are considering other services such as VPS hosting, then there is also a "Save 20% off on all Chicago and/or Illinois VPS plans using a ILVPS20 promo code.