Steamed Ginger Scallions Ridgeback Shrimps

When I saw these live jumping shrimps in the tank, I did not know they had such a strong hardy shell. No wonder RidgeBack Shrimps are sometimes also called Rock Shrimps.

I got about half a pound and on the same day, steam them with ginger, scallions and cooking wine. They taste really delicately sweet!

Ridgeback Shrimps are one of the few cold-water shrimps that we are able to get here. Cold-water shrimps have a sweet, delicate taste and are relatively more flavorful than warm-water varieties. Warm-water shrimps can be farmed or wild vs cold water variety that is always wild. Almost all cold-water shrimp is considered sustainable (Source: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History).
I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover. A shrimp or prawn dish is usually enjoyed during Chinese New Year as it symbolizes laughter and happiness. Laughter is the best medicine, isnt' it? Prawns also called  Har (in Cantonese) is just like Ha Ha Ha (Laughing)! 笑哈哈- Laughter all around. To laugh and be happy.

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