Udon Noodles Soup with Chili Sauce

It is kinda funny (and strange) whenever I see Dad and Mom squirts chili sauce from the bottle (be it SIN SIN or MAGGI brands) to their rice noodle soup.

One time, we asked -"why spoil the natural light-tasting homemade broth?" Well, of course, if the soup broth was made from homemade stock, avoid the other sauces if possible.

Do you find adding chili sauce to soups a strange act?

Then I found myself making the same mistake when I squirt Lingham's chili sauce to this quickie Udon noodle soup, made from homemade chicken stock (or I would sometimes call "bone broth"!).

However, as the chicken stock quantity was little (the soup broth was also reconstituted with some water with ratio of chicken stock: water being 1:1), it so justified for...chili sauce!

No. I just wanted spice on that cold day.

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