Burdock Root/ Gobo Soup 牛蒡汤

The first time I tried Burdock Root or Gobo (牛蒡) was a salad in a Japanese restaurant in Taiwan. The Gobo was sliced so razor-thin and fine (thinner than matchsticks!) and the salad was really refreshing good as appetizer.

Though I usually see Burdock Root/Gobo in the Asian supermarkets here in California, I never have the urge to buy and cook it.

Until I saw the Burdock Root Soup from Little Corner of Mine and Food-4tots, I decided that maybe I can try making a soup, a vegetarian soup. In Chinese food therapy, burdock root helps to reduce heat in the body. Thus it is beneficial in the warming temperature trend, spring to summer.

Personally I do not like the texture of burdock root as it was rather fibrous. Perhaps the quality of burdock root was sub-par in this supermarket or I did not cook it long enough.

One distinctive characteristic that I wish to highlight is the smell of ginseng when boiling the burdock root in this soup. Burdock root or Gobo is regarded as "Oriental Ginseng" for a reason - not only the smell but the nutrients and benefits too.

Burdock Root/Gobo Soup 牛蒡汤
Burdock root, peeled, cleaned and sliced to bite-size; 1-2 carrots sliced to bite-size; 1tbsp sliced white onion; 3-4 thin slices ginger; 3 honey dates (Jujubes); 4-5 fresh shiitake mushrooms; 4-5 woodear mushrooms already re-hydrated in water; 1 tbsp gojiberry already re-hydrated.

Let water, onions, carrots, burdock root, ginger, honey dates come to a boil and then turn down heat and allow it to simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the mushrooms and allow to simmer for another 15-20 minutes.

I am not sure if it is supposed to turn out savory or sweet as mine was on the sweet side when doing the taste-test while the soup was cooking. It was mildly sweet with earthiness from the burdock root and mushrooms.

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