Hairy Melon with Shrimps 毛瓜炒虾粒

This is the same dish Hairy Melon and Shrimps Stir-Fry 鲜虾炒毛瓜 I have cooked before. However, the hairy melon and shrimps were diced to tiny cubes in this dish, so becomes Hairy Melon with Diced Shrimps 毛瓜炒虾粒 :)

Shrimps should not be overcooked. If they were added together with the hairy melon to the wok and allowed to cook altogether, the shrimps will be overcooked by the time the hairy melon is cooked tender.

Typically in such a situation, the shrimps are lightly sauteed till partially cooked (just almost about to turn pink), dished out, set aside. Then add the hairy melon, some water/chicken stock, stir-fry then simmer for about 12-15 mins till the hairy melon is cooked, then return shrimps to the same wok, and simmer at low-medium heat about 5-8 minutes till shrimps are completely cooked; and for all the flavors to develop and mix in well.

Best served with steamed rice.


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