Satay-Spiced Chicken Chops

When I see cucumbers and peanut sauce, there is usually one dish I think of. Satay! Spice-marinated chicken on skewers barbequed over charcoal fire! Grilling over charcoal fire is a dream, at least for now, until I get a charcoal grill.

I do not have the patience for the "S"-actions:

Soak the bamboo skewers;
Start up the outdoor grill;
Slice the meat;
Skewer the meat.

But THIS "S"-action is my forte.


So as I teach myself the shortcut to satisfying satay cravings, I hope you find it useful. Those of you who enjoy outdoor BBQ in summer can try this too.

Make Satay Chicken Chops!

Get some beautiful pieces of chicken thigh meat or in this case, I use de-boned chicken drumsticks and marinate them in satay spices. Marinate overnight.

Heat some oil on cast iron pan. Skin side down first, pan-fry the chicken about 8-10mins till skin crispy golden brown; flip over then continue pan-fry till chicken is cook through. After flipping, it should take about another 5-8 minutes.

Heat up peanut sauce (I used bottled peanut sauce here) and stir in one tablespoon creamy peanut butter. The bottled peanut sauce used here is authentic to South East Asian with shrimp paste mixed into it. I like that it has no added preservatives or coloring.

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