Chicken Hot Dogs with Kale

I have been eating more hot dogs this summer than any other summer. Funny how I say that with pride. Hot dog is processed food. It is not as if I am eating more healthily. I should be saying - I am eating more vegetables than last year or religiously drinking some power-monster smoothie for breakfast.

Okay let's see this from another perspective. It is still relatively less-guilt, assembling your own hot dogs at home; the "better" hot dogs (franks, sausages whatever they are called), buy the "better" buns, buy the "better" sauce. By "better", I mean "minimally processed" - no nitrates, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, less sodium.

Another reason I succumb to hot dogs this summer is because of the weather. OHh WHAaat? Seriously? Yes, on those scorching hot days which I do not want to cook at all. With hot dogs, I can just boil them in about 5 minutes, then quickly leave my stove alone.

Chicken Hot Dog with Sauteed Kale
Rocky-brand Uncured (no nitrates) Chicken Hot Dogs from Whole Foods Market
Hot Dog Buns from Whole Foods Market
Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Red Peppers
Sauteed Kale with Garlic (kale is from my own garden)
Lingham Chili Sauce

You may wonder: hey there is still cooking to be done - fry up the kale, boil the sausages. Yes, but I sauteed the kale and boiled the sausages in the early morning when it was still cool 70-ish in the house.  When it comes to dinnertime, all I need to do ? Assemble.

To make it more complete, I usually do a no-cook vegetables and fruit salad as accompaniment to these hot dogs.

Already 12 hot dogs consumed in the past months and still counting...


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