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I have wanted to try Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for a long time but held back due to my "paranoid" nature. What if there is too much produce? What if there is too little? What if it is delivered to my door and I am out for a week? What if...what if...what if. Very importantly, I do enjoy to be out in the grocery stores doing my weekly shopping. So if I am stuck with CSA, I will lose the joy of shopping!

Recently, when Farm Fresh to To You had an amazing deal ($10 for $31.50 worth of produce) at Amazon Local Deals, I decided to give myself that experience of having produce being delivered to my home, just for once.

Have you tried Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) before? What do you like or not like about it?

There are many options for the service including small box of mixed fruits and vegetables, regular mix (which is what I got), and bigger boxes for bigger families. I was also able to easily schedule the delivery by using an online account. That week, my box had summer squash, carrot, Bok Choy, radish, beech mushrooms, apples, oranges, strawberries and what's great about it - they were all ORGANIC! Now think about it, $10 for this medium box of organic produce is really not that expensive.

However, there were not enough vegetables to last me a week (so I still had to visit the grocery stores to supplement the quantity I need for the week) and if I were to continue the service at a regular price of $31.50, it becomes out of my routine budget.

With farm fresh ingredients, I kept it simple with cooking. One of them is Sauteed Radish and Summer Squash with Garlic, served with couscous;

and Stir-Fry Bok Choy and Beech Mushrooms

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