Daikon (Radish) Cake with Eggs 萝卜糕炒蛋

One way to add more bulk to daikon/radish cake is to fry them up with eggs! Sound too familiar? This is almost like fried carrot cake that is very popular in Singapore. Well, the idea is similar but in this case, a simplified version at home, using pieces of daikon cake and scrambling some eggs into it.

There are no leftovers whenever we order pan-fried radish cake Lok Bak Ko in dim-sum restaurants. Lok Bak Ko is one of my favorite dim-sum dish/snack items so no Lok Bak Ko is ever left un-eaten in dim-sum eateries unless they are some pieces that have turned sour (yes, I have been served sour Lok Bak Ko that has turned bad and it REALLY sucks!).

However, if you really do have odd pieces left, just cut them to smaller bite-size pieces and fry them with egg.

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