Kimchi Noodles with Bean Sprouts, Mushrooms and Leafy Greens

With these green noodles (noodles made from leaves of the Moroheiya plant) bought from the Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa, I made Kimchi Noodles again.

Moroheiya is highly nutritious and contains beta-carotene, iron, calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. I have not tried it fresh as a vegetable before and hope to some day.

Kimchi Noodles with Bean Sprouts, Mushrooms and Leafy Greens
Instead of looking untidy and messy like the last time, I chose to blanch each ingredient separately, then cook the noodles and the egg in the kimchi-based broth. Dish out the noodles with eggs into a bowl, lay each ingredients (more kimchi, blanched bean sprouts, blanched beech mushrooms, blanched organic baby spinach/kale) on the noodles, then ladle some warm egg-y broth/soup over the noodles. Serve warm. Note: If to be served or consumed later, leave the broth in the pot. Before serving, re-heat or warm the broth then ladle over the noodle bowl prepared much earlier.

It is quite similar to a warm noodle salad bowl except the "dressing" is the warm broth, don't you think?

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