Eel Noodles 鳝鱼面

Eel noodles (鳝鱼面 Shan Yu Mian) is another popular dish in Tainan, Southern Taiwan.

Eel e-fu noodles @阿辉炒鳝鱼

The "eel" taste (quite tasteless actually) and its firm and springy texture is not what I expected of eel, and not realizing until now that this "eel" is not the eel (or freshwater eel - unangi) that I am used to. This "eel" is a eel-like fish, commonly known as swamp eel or rice-field eel.

From what we observed, the most commonly ordered items at 阿辉炒鳝鱼 seems to be Wok-Fried E-Fu Noodles with Eel 鳝鱼炒意面 and a "wet" version 鳝鱼意面羹 with consistency similar to Lor-Mee. Three ingredients are prevalent in both dishes: eel, onions, and noodles. Both noodle dishes are on the sweet side which I found weird. Definitely not a huge fan upon trying these eel noodles for the first time.

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阿辉炒鳝鱼 (Tainan A-Hui), 台南市中西區西門路二段352號

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