Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cheese, Arugula Pizza 小蕃茄西葫芦比萨饼

Easy to prepare and fun to customize, pizza is definitely a brilliant menu item when you are expecting a small party or big crowd of guests over for a meal. You just need to load up on fresh ingredients (your pizza toppings!) and get your pizza "base" ready - either store-bought pizza dough or "bread" bases e.g. lavash breads, pita breads. Then everything is just oven-minutes away.

With all the lavash craze, I still make my pita bread pizza. Both are "thin-crust" but pita bread being a little thicker than lavash bread also means there is a tendency to "overload" the former!

This Pizza Pita Overload includes ingredients such as zucchini, a variety of tomatoes (e.g Campari, Cherry), cheese and arugula.

If space is running tight and you do not have a stove oven to start with, you can always "invest" on a Table-Top Oven!

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