One-Pot Chicken Congee/ Porridge 电锅鸡粥

What is becoming of me...?!? I am back to the "old" days, heavily depending on batch cooking a.k.a dump-everything-into-the-pot-to-cook. Winter "hibernation" has kicked in!

But, such method of cooking can be really "useful" during lazy days, especially when cooking for one (or, at most two); OR when attention is required elsewhere other than in the kitchen and at the stove.

Truth be told, this really does not need cooking skills and technique. And only during this time, Maths turns topsy-turvy with minimal effort yielding better than average results in terms of taste. Think slow-cooker stews and you get what I mean.

However don't expect a dish with exciting textures as everything will be similar to "baby food" texture, almost like this Spinach and Squash Millet Congee. Soft and mushy, almost.

Okay.What's in this pot of Chicken Porridge/Congee?

Vegetables: Cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, onion, ginger
Protein: 1-2 organic chicken drumstick 
Carbs: Mixture of rice and millet
Optional (more for flavoring): fish cake (usually found frozen, from the Asian supermarket). This ingredient is leftover from hotpot and if you don't use everything in a single hotpot session, it keeps (almost) perpertually in the freezer. I almost forgotten about them, so it is a good chance to "clean" the freezer/fridge this way.

The only big advantage of this is that you do not have to stand behind the stove to "eyeball" the cooking/boiling/simmering process of the congee which often if missed an eyeball or two of gentle stirring , the grains may occasionally stick to the bottom of the pot.

But with this rice cooker (in my case, the Tatung indirect-heat electric cooker), no need much attention. Everything goes into the pot, turn on the switch to Cook, leave it, go attend to other matters, come back when the switch has switched to Warm (about 45mins), then meal is ready.


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